Technical skills

The extensive experience of the company professionals, allow Fulemm offer fully integrated solutions, always tailored to the needs and specifications of each of their client.


The process begins when shaping the idea of our customers. Fulemm designers transform the idea into reality, which finally lead to results technically achievable and economically profitable. Our designers’ experience together with our engineers’ knowledge provides a unique value in the design of the pieces made in Fulemm.

Process engineering

In Fulemm, complex productive processes are designed through concepts based in simplicity, security and reliability. The experience in different technologies of our professionals and the different sectors where we develop our activity allow the company apply the best and the most efficient solution. In Fulemm we believe that the best process is always the most profitable.

Mould Flow

Rapid tool

Rapid prototyping

Finite elements

Mould engineering

Fulemm believes in teamwork, and above all, well done. To achieve it, the first term is indispensable but it is also necessary to have all the technologies and instruments for the mould design, as well as the knowledge of each one. These are some of the techniques and tools that we use for the mould design that will give rise to the pieces:

Moulds fabrication

Fulemm has professionals and suppliers with high technology and modern equipment. We design and manufacture moulds in Spain, Portugal and China. Our projects are turnkey/We have turnkey projects.

Plastic injection

Plastic injection is one of the strengths of our company. Our highly skilled professionals make possible that Fulemm gets products of high quality as a result of this phase of the fabrication process.


Consists in the injection of only one type of plastic component.


Bi-Injection is the technique by which are injected two different plastic materials in the same process.

Mucell technique

This technique is used in more specific cases and consists in the plastic injection through the use of the gas, which produces a foamed effect creating micro-cells that gives more structural rigidity with less weight to the piece.

Decorative Finishes

Fulemm can offer their customers finishing and decorative techniques integrated into their productive processes.

Paint system

This technique is performed through automated booth paint.


Printing system used for image reproduction.


Printing system used for decoration and labelling

Assembly line

Tools manufacturing

– Progressive Tools
– Transfer Tools
– Tandem Tools
– Tools with insertion of nuts and bolts with incorporated thread

We are dedicated to the design of the stamping tools and their subsequent manufacture in China. We offer extensive experience in the manufacture of tools, covering the three fundamental stages from the award of a project:

1.- Design
2.- Manufacturing
3.- Tuning

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